Père et fils domaine Denis Vincent

Au pressoir with my father


My activity is regulated by the seasons and the evolution of the vine.

In November, after the grape harvests and leaves falling, we start the pruning, which will last to the end of March. Its a physical work and climatic conditions make it difficult as the winter goes along. Pruning influence the bunch of grapes production and the grape juice quality. It’s a fundamental stage which needs a skilled labour.  Pruning is being interrupted by vinification’s works in the winery. Vinification stages are controlled by laboratory studies which help us in our interventions.

At the beginning of winter, we spread vegetal compost to help the development of what we sowed in summer and to encourage earthworms activity which contribute to the soil airing ( » biological micro-ploughing « ). At the end of pruning, we change defective sticks and wires (trellising).

With bud burst in April, appears spring frost risks, which can destroy all, or part of the crop. Then we carry out the disbudding (elimination of bad positioned buds) and treatments against vine diseases. We follow attentively flowering and bunch of grapes appearance and protect the vine during its growth.





Harvesting machine


At the beginning of September we get ready for vintage with a concern: to choose the right date to harvest ripe and sound grapes. Harvest last about three weeks in function of climatic conditions. We use a harvesting machine, which shake bunch of grapes on the vinestock. She recovers only grapes.

Drink with moderation.