Famille Domaine Vincent Denis

Family photo in front of my great-grandfather’s
cellar with my parents, my wife and her daughter


Three or four generations ago, in our region, like in other french agricultural regions, viticulture was more widespread than today.

Every farming family had a little vineyard to provide for its needs. Progressively, some have cultivated more vines to market their wine. In this way, a part of my vines belonged to my father and before him to my grand-father.

I chose to continue the work of my family for generations using modern tools.

I have a double activity, like my father I cultivate cereals and I farm the vineyard which has extended since my setting up.

Today, I farm 70 hectares of cereales (wheat, barley, sorghum, millet, rape and buckwheat) and 16 hectares of vines.


Cave viticulteur domaine Vincent Denis

The cellar of my great-grandfather.

Drink with moderation.